Frequently questions and answers that would be helpful for you.

General Question

Frequently questions and answers that would be helpful for you.

What is Paternity Testing?

DNA is present in most of our body’s cells. A small sample for testing can be obtained from several bodily sources. The cells that are most commonly tested are derived from the blood or inside the cheek of the mouth (called buccal cells).

Standard Biological DNA test Samples:

1. Blood
2. Cotton Swabs

Non-Standard Biological DNA Test Samples:

A) Toothbrush
B) Chewing Gum
C) Cigarette butt
D) Saliva
E) Used Tissue
F) Nail clippings
G) Semen
H) Earwax

Call for your free consultation and receive the sample collection kit tomorrow. Call 1-800-991-4596

What is the difference between the home DNA Test and the Legal DNA Test?

A legal DNA test requires Mother, father, and child samples to be tested in the presence of a neutral third party with notary verified documents enclosed along with the sample collected to be sent to the lab. The results are sent directly to the legal entity that has placed the DNA test request.

Can the results of a home paternity DNA test be used in a court of law?

A Home DNA Paternity test results are not valid in the court of law. As there is no third party to verify the entire process and a notary to validate the documents, the court will never approve home DNA test results valid in court.

How much does a paternity test cost?

A standard Paternity DNA test $180

What Document I need to Prepare to join?

DNA testing is generally considered to be the most accurate testing method available. Potential DNA’s Paternity test is 99.99% accurate. The most precise and Accurate DNA test in North America.

Most standard paternity tests only examine 21 different markers, the more markers tested, the more accurate the result. We test 24 to 46 different DNA markers.


How many days does it take to obtain paternity DNA test results?

For a standard paternity DNA test, Accurate DNA returns DNA test results in 7 to 10 business days once all samples are received.

Accurate DNA understands that waiting for results for this potentially life-changing test is stressful, so we provide speedy service without sacrificing accuracy.

Once complete, the results are Mailed immediately to our Customer, and you will be notified by email right away.

Why Choose Potential DNA for Paternity DNA Test?

We are the leading supplier of DNA identification services in North America

1. Accuracy greater than 99.99%
2. 24 genetic markers to 46 genetic markers tested
3. Results in 7 to 10 business days
4. Collection centers across North America
5. Outstanding customer service
6. Strict privacy and confidentiality assured

Keep You Confident & Healthy Until The Day Come

Worried about the paternity of your unborn child; and looking for a risk-free medically safe option? Accurate DNA offers a 100% risk-free prenatal test that can be carried out at just 7 weeks gestation or 9 weeks. Using only maternal blood samples and paternal swab samples. We can provide you with a result that is 99.9% accurate. Call us at 1800-991-4596 for 24-hour customer service.

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